Promotion Analyzer

A fully integrated 360 degree support program that analyzes the category and business promotion strategies, optimizes future strategies, tracks results and provides key learnings with indicated actions.

                                                     Actionable Recommendations with Proven Results!

  • A comprehensive analysis of the category and key competitors' consumer and trade promotion strategies.  Answers the questions:
    • What is the business situation within the category?  Do you have the right go-to-market strategy?
    • How are key competitors promoting their businesses and what strategies are they using?  How does your pricing strategy compare to your competitors?
    • What are the results of your promotion events and how can they be improved?

  • The client business situation and Consumer, Trade and Marketing Mix results are evaluated to generate a targeted promotion strategy and planned events with improved results.

  • On-going analysis with indicated actions improves plans "in-year" to experience immediate results.

                                A "Must Have" Complimentary Program to Marketing Mix!

                  Promotion Analyzer Combines the Benefits of All Programs Into One!